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Welcome to Passage Predictor,

What is this? is a tool for congregations and small groups to use when considering a topic for an upcoming event or meeting.
Our objective is to provide a tool for members to have a deeper connection with the topics and preachers presenting the sermons at the event.
To do this, we made where anyone can sign up for the site, join an event, and enter the passages into the website that they think will be used in the sermon.

For Members:

Login or Sign Up to enter the passages that you predict will be used in the sermons. By thinking about the topic ahead of time, you may have a better foundation for where the preacher is coming from, or more scriptures to discuss with the preacher afterwards.

For Elders/Deacons/Preachers: is a tool that you can use to encourage your congregation to get in the Word before a given sermon to see what it has to say about it.


In an effort to make fun for those that like to compete either with others or themselves, we have implemented a basic scoring algorithm.
Your event coordinator (the person with your group that created the event) can put in the passages that were actually used during the sermon.
If this is done, then anyone who has joined the event will be able to see their score.

How the scoring works:

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